The conversation began in 2016 and 2017 when 48 ordinary folk took to the stage and told 48 extraordinary stories, and we listened. We built community; we connected through story. We gave a voice to the island.

So how do you want Waiheke educated in 2019?

Come play with us at Tantalus on Friday 5th of July for drinks, dessert and discussion on Eduction on Waiheke. Watch this space for speaker profiles… but spend a moment looking back on what WaiTalks was…


2016 Goal


Previously in 2015 & 2016 we raised money for three amazing organizations –

Waiheke Island Steiner School

Provides an holistic education that inspires innovative learning and creativity, encouraging children to find their own authenticity.

Jassy Dean Trust

Supports local families during times of crisis so they can focus on their children.

The Happie Project

Growing children into creative, mindful and Happie Earthpreneurs. Enriching children’s learning through workshops, events, and projects guided by music, yoga, mindfulness and creativity. Organic education.


Through Industry, our first event, and Identety, our second event, together we raised $6,000 for the kids of the Jassy Dean Trust, The Happie Project, and Waiheke Island Steiner School.

We’ve Had Amazing Speakers

Susi Newborne

Tia Reweti-Saunders

And our new nearby goodness group is Talking Tree Hill with their
“Get out the door” schools campaign.

If You Missed our Events in 2016…

Imagination couldn’t have been more beautiful!

2016 Events

Industry. Identity. Imagination.

With your help we held three incredible events in 2016. Speakers discussed three topics -Industry, Identity, and Imagination. We even dove deeper into each event with WaiTalks workshops – a warm-up before and a warm-down after each event. Stories were shared and you become part of the conversation. This is your community and these are your stories. Let’s plant some seeds and see what sprouts!

Event 1 was held on 25th June.
Raised $3,000 of $20,000 goal!
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7pm on 16th & 17th September.
Waiheke Cinema (16) & Library (17)
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Listen to the Talks

Friday 2nd December | 7:30 pm
Tantalus Estate
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New Logo Design in 2016

A fresh as logo

Welcome to the new gorgeous face of WaiTalks. You recognize the sleek lettering no doubt, but that beautiful dandelion in the center, that’s something quite new and spectacular my friend. Last year we learned that WaiTalks is something quite unique. WaiTalks is the man who speaks even though his voice may tremble. It’s the woman who throws her ideas into a current of backlash. It’s those of you who dream for the sake of dreaming. The dandelion is us and our stories. Because what blows in our Waiheke wind better than stories?


A tag line worth a thousand words

Last year’s extraordinary WaiTalks events showed us something really important: that sharing stories enriches this community. Sharing stories connects us. Sharing stories fosters relationships. And we’ve all got a story to tell. That is where the connection lies: through daring to be vulnerable, and realising that you are supported. It’s about supporting each other. Ordinary people, sharing extraordinary stories.


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