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Thanks to Pete Rees, we have phenomenal photos from the Identity event. Check out the rest of the photos on Pete’s website

Announcing our speakers for Industry

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John Stansfield

a serial social entrepreneur with a life sentence in the community and voluntary sector and no time off for good behavior nor any evidence of it. A senior lecturer in Community Development john has a strong interest in sustainable development. in 1997 he helped found the Waiheke Resources Trust who developed the legendary Cleanstream Waiheke approach to waste. In this talk John will demonstrate spinning rubbish into gold a revolutionary process which offers Waiheke the opportunity to improve the environment and lower rates while building sustainable local jobs. John is a partner in Orapiu grove farm home of Awaroa wines and is a keen gardener and fisherman.

Jeanine Clarkin

Industry – (informal) An activity or domain in which a great deal of effort is expended. Her love of clothing and fabric has taken many forms since the age of 7, creating industry from the age of 11 from sewing for her dolls to sewing for her siblings, cousins and eventually a local and international audiences showing in Australia, Geneva, Hawaii, London, and of course here in Waiheke Island.
Clarkin resides in The old Waiheke Island Police station which is always a great hive of industry.

Jeanine is sponsored by Lockhart & Smith – behind the scenes keeping things chilled and charming at Waiheke’s finest social occasions
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Carmen is sponsored by Island Pizza
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Carmen Parahi

Journalist Carmen Parahi has worked in the news media for the past 16 years. While she was studying for her journalism diploma in 2001 she wrote for the Kapi-Mana News, Hawke’s Bay Today, Western Leader and Waikato Times. She landed her first broadcasting job with TV3 in 2002, reporting on 3 News for seven years. In 2009, Carmen moved to Māori TV’s current affairs show, Native Affairs. She was chosen for the first World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network work exchange programme. For two months, Carmen worked at the Aboriginal People’s Television Network in Winnipeg, Canada. In 2010, Carmen shifted to TVNZ’s Māori current affairs programme, Marae on TV One. This year, Carmen won an Asia NZ Foundation fellowship grant and travelled to Japan to report in February. Now, Carmen has returned to Māori TV to produce the Native Affairs programme. Her favourite assignment is the voluntary job she has writing the weekly Waiheke Dolphins junior netball report for the Gulf News.

Barry Jenkin

Born Epsom Auckland 1947. Gladstone primary, Southwell School, Mt. Albert Grammar, Auckland University Pol. Studies (Dropout).

Labouring jobs to finance flying training. Private pilot’s licence 1964. Advertising agencies 3 years.

Married 1970. Airfreight industry 4 years. Applied for broadcasting. Accepted on the strength of knowledge of and could pronounce the names of classical composers. Originally hired for 1YC Auckland but sent to commercial radio training school “Just in case” Quote.

2ZA Palmerston North 3 years. Sent to 1ZM Auckland stayed 4 years. Briefly foreign correspondent for National programme in South East Asia. Joined Radio Hauraki and was installed as presenter of Radio With Pictures of TVNZ. Show was a ratings success but not popular with management. Axed after 3 years. Back to 1ZM 3 years then Hauraki 3 years. (There’s a pattern developing here). Since arriving in Auckland have voiced innumerable radio and television commercials. Also, documentaries such as the life of Barry Crump, Antarctica research, Pacific Steel and others.

For the last 12 years have constructed and run a Wireless Internet Provision company, originally Ynet and now Gulf Internet Ltd.

Barry is sponsored by our returning sponsor Roast Waiheke – Waiheke’s delicious, high quality, fair trade & sustainable coffee.
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Dr. Duehr is sponsored by Greenscape Landscape – make a unique and personal statement with your garden.
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Dr. Jens Duehr

Originally from Germany, Jens grew up in Africa and has spent the majority of his childhood travelling. With an urge to help people to live a healthier life, he graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (NZCC) in 2013. Early on during his studies Jens found his passion for Chiropractic Research and has been working in the Centre for Chiropractic Research at NZCC since 2010. Since graduating, Jens has been in private practice in Auckland, is in the process of completing a Masters in Health Sciences at AUT and has started lecturing the Evidence Based Chiropractic Paper at the Chiropractic College.
Jens joined the Waiheke community by being part of our lovely team at Vital Wellbeing Family Chiropractic in Ostend since 2015.
Together with his Wife Jenna, their 4-year-old son Jake and quite recent new arrival Jorgia, they look forward to moving to the island sooner rather than later.

Robyn Jones

Robyn began life growing up in South Auckland, spending school holidays on Waiheke Island in a batch that had beds that folded down, and walls that were actually curtains, that her parents bought on Seaview road, when the sands was a boutique hotel called” sprays edge lodge”. She travelled to the island on the Baroona, the Iris Moana, by hydrofoil which only took 20mins, the “sea bee” in its first incarnation on her birthday once, fullers, pacific ferries, and more recently, explore. She’s seen a few things come and go from Waiheke,

She left school at 16, started working life in a bank, then decided to train to become a beauty therapist, then decided to do a commerce degree, then decided to move to the island permanently with her husband Nick in 1994. They had a dream of escaping the rat race and setting up a vineyard on Waiheke to live off the land and quaff the fruits of their labours. Reality bit down hard, about 2 years later, when a child was born and money started to run out. But they clung on to their dream, finding ways to make it work, and 24 years later, the Mudbrick Vineyard is still alive and well, and still run by the founders who started it.

Robyn is sponsored by our returning sponsor Vital Wellbeing – empowering you with a greater understanding of health, the human body and its expression.
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25th June | The Grape Shed | 7:00 – 10 pm

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