Eledir Seren (El)

Eledir is sponsored by our awesome Yellow Sponsor xox_Logo Born in England 1965 to parents who had some very fixed ideas about names. Survived a childhood in Essex amongst classmates who also had some fixed ideas of their own about names and who enthusiastically, some might say vigorously, shared them with me. Frequently. Turns out the social activist and comedian Russell Brand also grew up in the same town I did, although, what with the age difference and all, we may have missed each other by 10 years or so. Are you sure you don’t want him? He’d be loads better at this than me.Arrived on Waiheke 10 years ago with my wife Lynne and two children Daisy and Jay. Spent 14 years at home as a stay-at-home dad. Appear to have done a good job; at any rate, they wear their scars invisibly on the inside which is good enough for me. Having been released from this largely enjoyable task upon the occasion of my daughter’s 14 birthday, I now work part-time as a library assistant and tutor for Waiheke Adult Literacy. I also present two shows on Waiheke Radio – The Friday Evening Show that’s still in search of a snappier name with my co-presenter Simon; and Mind De-Coder, a psychedelic radio show for people for whom paisley wallpaper never really went out of fashion. I’ve also done a bit of acting on the Island. In fact, if truth be told, there’s something of the careless dilettante about me; although that may be too kind a description. To me, laughter is like cheap red wine – it’s an armour against a blank, cold, indifferent universe that provides a dispassionate backdrop to the meaningless of existence and, in truth, doesn’t even know we’re here. I still think you’d be better off with Russell Brand.